Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Caroline Kennedy, Education and Suport for Obama

Caroline Kennedy does not endorse candidates very often. In fact I think this is the first time in my memory that she has done so on a national level.

In this clip she offers her reasons why she support Barack Obama. Some of those reasons include support for early childhood education and financial support for college; which in this case means $4,000 for tuition provided you render service to your community.

Folks my technique was a little shaky during recording so for those with queasy stomachs I offer a audio version of the video.

For the specifics on Barack Obama's Education platform visit his site.
For the specifics on Hillary Clintons' Education platform visit her site.

Other Voices

Learning By Heart has an blow by blow evaluation of McCain, Clinton and Obama's education proposals.

Authentic Education is a group blog but one of the post caught my eye, the one having to do with early childhood education and parental involvement. This was something that Caroline touched upon in her speech. You can't be involved if you have to go to work and have no flexibility on your child care needs.

If you are a parent, homeschooler or interested in how to teach the youngest of the young you can visit Kimberly's Pre-School Lesson Plans. This will give you a good idea of what to expect if looking for a quality preschool or teachable moment ideas to keep the brains a buzzing.

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  1. What an incredible moment. I've seen so many amazing and powerful clips of Obama's rallies: the testimonies of his endorsers, and the amazing and potent speeches he gives.

    I can 't wait until the race makes it out to Oregon... I would love to attend one of these rallies. We don't have our primary until May, but it seems the race may still be going strong by then!