Sunday, January 20, 2008

It Was A Doo Dah Kind of Day

We usually have the Doo Dah parade around Thanksgiving. It is a way of getting those lingering visitors out of the house and it won't cost you anything. But after 30 years it got predictable so in order to keep that from happening it was moved to January 20th. You have to do stuff like that when the parade has the word "occasional" in the title.

Something was missing. A bit of whimsy. Downright goofyness for the sake of being silly. Then again I do like watching men dance. It is so cool. Fellas, I'm telling you true you can't go completing wrong by dancing in front of a woman.

Now some of you are seriously uncoordinated but spastic can be kinda cute and at the very least you'd get a mercy hug or something. Mainly laughter but hey, you gotta start somewhere.

There are constants but this parade is not easy to pin down. It is a neighborhood meet up. A family outing on the cheap. A bit of satire. Flying tortillas. I got it, participatory perambulation. It will have to do cuz I'm whipped for original thought.

I'm culling those special moments from the parade and to start things off I present the Country Gentlemen (definitely not spastic), the Dead Robert Palmer Girls and the Bastard Sons of Lee Marvin. For more information about the parade visit

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