Monday, November 05, 2007

Pasadena Bloggers Picnic - Day 6

It was a lovely afternoon. I didn't know any of these people. I knew one or two of their blogs but I felt like an interloper. I shop, work and go to school in Pasadena but I don't live there. Out of my current budget.

I bought some wet naps, Blood Orange Soda ( I really do like drinking that stuff) and something else I don't remember. I tended to stay near the tables because there was some good food on it and I didn't know what else to do. I don't have the automatic smoozing gene, I gotta kinda peculate up to it.

Fortunately a very nice gentleman name Robin brought some excellent ribs of all permutation. I could her my doctor tsk, tsking me about wrapping my lips around those bones but me and Charlie understood that nature is not something to be defied. Unfortunately I couldn't slip Charlie any of the bounty cuz his human said he couldn't have any.

So this is simple video. No ribs, intense political debates or ants in the pants. A group of people who know, kinda know and don't know each other pose for a photo. Just like we did in grade school. But a little bit better than that.

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  1. Nice work, Gena!

    PS. I love Nikki Giovanni. I have Cotton Candy on a Rainy Day--a fav collection.