Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Life in Text and Video Poem - Day 8

I've been feeling guilty. I do have a boatload of video that I haven't edited or uploaded but there are people creating original content daily.

If I am going to try to do something new then this would be the time. There is a particular type of poetry where the words are used as a sculpture. There is another type where words and images meld into a third meaning.

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So this is my attempt to try to get to that third meaning. What do you do when you want to create but you have to earn a living, provide for the essentials and not have you soul sucked away by the mundane?

You don't have to be an artist or creative person to face this and the answers are everywhere but your answer is some place else. That is the starting point.
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  1. A pretty good video. I enjoyed the nighttime driving shots that I see and the text that accompanies it. I wonder if this was a Lumiere video. Oh right Lumiere doesn't require a moving camera but this is still effective.

  2. Nice effort. If you want some inspiration to this type of work check out the project:untitled work by Belief. They are a video production studio in Santa Monica, CA and have an ongoing series of experimantal works on various themes. The first project untitled was themed 'darkness' Really good work. i think it is on iTunes as well.

  3. nice poem, I hear what you're saying. I think a lot of creative people have these thoughts - at least the creative people I know who don't get the opportunity to be creative full time. I think the key is balance, and that you can be creative at work in non-creative fields and then also at home in more arty fields.