Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Carlos Ugalde - Andar por America Day 15

Sometimes good things come from the path that you were forced to take.
I had procrastinated on a project that is due on Saturday. I had to work on it today in order to get it ready for my presentation.

I hop on the shuttle to Glendale Community College so that I can use the library. I walk in and turn the corner. In the gallery there were photographs and portraits that commanded me to enter the room.

There was historical figures but also real people being reflected past what I am being told a Latin American person, a Hispanic person, and all the words we use to narrowly define a spectrum of people.

I was taking photos when a gentleman walked into the room. He popped a tune in the CD. It was Carlos Ugalde, photographer and professor of Latin American and Latino Studies at the college. He was very kind and gracious to allow me to interview him about his work.

P.S. Working on my final project, work and NaVlogPoMo do not mix - so I will be in and out of the loop until I finish the project proper and increase my chance of graduation or at least not having the lowest grade in the class.

P.S.S. Dear Universal Spirit, in my next life could you see fit to allow me to be at least 5'9 inches tall or there abouts. I'm running into a lot of tall men lately and well, hey sometimes it takes a lot of effort to get their attention.

I'm not complaining.

I'm working the shortie life fine and dandy but the shelf thing and having to ask for help from taller people got old around fifteen. Just putting in a pre-order consideration. Cuz there isn't always a step-stool around when you need to look a man face to face.

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  1. Gena, this post is worth at least a week's worth of NaVloPoMo. What an extraordinary interview! Thanks for being at the right place in the right time. And take it easy - do your final project. We'll be here when you have time for us and meanwhile we can watch this one again! GOOOOOOD stuff.

  2. you did one of the bravest things a videoblogger could do: interview a stranger in public. Sounds so simple but I rarely see it.

    I love how you let us see him ask about your camera, seem a little nervous, and watch how you made him feel comfortable. Then you guys go deep into his work. You got his complete trust.

    Wow, gena. I can't wait till you finish school so you can work on video projects without any stress.

  3. Hi, I don't know who you are but I do know professor Carlos Ugalde. He is an amazing photographer and professor. Trully inspirational and I'm so happy to see his art on the web...thanks for posting!

  4. Thanks Sandra, he was most kind to speak to be and allow me to record just a drop of his knowledge.

    The gentleman brings honor to the word Professor.