Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Where To Munch In Pasadena

This is in response to Donna's comment about where to eat when she comes to Pasadena. My top five affordable yet tasty places for snacking and food consumption. Agggh I'm directionally impaired! I'm going to give you the name and the rough locations.

From the Pasadena Conference Center you will want to cross the street to get on Colorado Blvd. where the Post Office is located. The regular shuttle is $.50 cents. You can walk it as well. The next block heading toward the freeway is Arroyo Parkway.

King Taco on Arroyo and Union which is a block north.(I think) Under $8 you can get a close to authentic Mexican food and other goodies. It is a block or so before the Memorial Park Gold Line Station.

If you stand on Arroyo and Colorado Blvd. you will see motorcycles which means you have found Hooter's (NOT an endorsement) There is an new Italian Gelato ice cream store a few doors down. Moving toward the freeway you will find many other restaurants that will be jammed on Friday night.

Me? I like Saladang at 363 S. Fair Oaks (it will be busy) Tibet Napal House on Union slightly above Fair Oaks and Colorado I love this joint, it will mellow you out and dine you with excellent food. El Portal is near the Convention Center also an affordable din-din option.

As you move down Old Town on Colorado you will find a 2nd Italian Gelato place and on Colorado & Fair Oaks past the Cheesecake Factory (no way you will get in there in under an hour) there is a Pinkberry Yogurt Ice Cream store.

It is next to a bunch of restaurants, I think Mexican, Indian and there has been a change so I don't remember what the new place is about.

I haven't tried this place but I'm planning to Azeen's Afghani Restaurant 110 E Union St Pasadena, CA 91103

The Pasadena Visitors Bureau has a database of restaurants. You can select those that are near Paseo Colorado or Old Town that will keep you busy and well fed not to mentioned exercised trying to find these places.

Chow Baby!

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