Monday, October 15, 2007

I Don't Know Who She Is But She Sings Good

I'm running around Friday night, aim the camcorder at some folks, annoying others and recording what I could before I hop the last bus out of Dodge, er I mean Pasadena. I walk thought the courtyard past expensive stores and cobblestones and dresses my body will never fit into.

I see the flags in the sky but I hear her voice. I start recording. I don't know who she is. I'm not sure if she was part of the ArtNight festival or hired by a local business to sing for the customers.

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I didn't have my glasses on so I only know her name starts with V or Valencia or Valarina or something like that. There was a CD on the table but not cards or flyers. I couldn't read her name. She was singing around 8:30-9pm or so Friday night. She was good cuz I missed the dang blasted bus.

That was ok because there was a fire on Colorado and the was a bunch of fire engines. A story for another time. So if you know who she is let me know because I do want to spread the word on performers who can sing with their clothes on and can stand relatively still while doing so. I'll dig through my handouts but the pile is high.

October 16th Update: I found her name! It is Valencia Vas and I was listening to the Valencia Vas Trio. On her website you can check out more of her music or find out how to purchase her CD.


  1. By golly, you're spot on about her voice. Do let us know if you ever find out who she is. Brightened my afternoon, that tune did. :)

  2. I know that if you call your easy listening stations her songs are on there and i heard that you can get her CD at Borders as well

  3. WOW just watched the SHE can sing!! and she has the looks to go with the voice. I've heard her before but never saw her perform. We have to spread the word..Not too many singers out there that can really SING like that. I've done some research and found out her name is Valencia Vas, and she records for Providence Records. She has had one song from her "Reflections" album, (which can be purchased at Borders Stores)that was in the top 10. It was called "When the Sun Comes Up". I believe she is also releasing a Christmas song called "Christmas Promise" or something like that. Believe me you won't be disappointed if you buy the Album.

  4. I'm a friend of said artist and actually worked with her on the CD she's currently promoting. CD says "Buy me!!!"

  5. Valencia has a fantastic voice! Love her, "When the Sun Comes Up" song.