Saturday, August 11, 2007

Jane Gordon and Carol Lin Talk About Communities

I try to never dismiss the power of connections. You never know from who or where your blessings may come from.

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In this clip from the BlogHer 2007 session on "The Life Stages of Communities" Carol Lin talks about how she gave an interview with Rox from Beach Walks with Rox and how that interview lead to assistance with fund raising and networking opportunities.

This is an excerpt from the BlogHer 2007 conference session on online communities. I have about 10 more hours to edit. Some of the topics and ideas shared by the participants transcend the conference. I want make sure that as many people as possible get to her some of the extrondinary women who attended BlogHer 2007.


  1. Gena - thank you so much for this interview. Carol is truly an amazing person - one of the rare souls who has not become jaded and who reaches out so graciously to share and learn and help and so much more.

    It was my honor to interview her and now again you extend it with this piece. I so missed being at BlogHer! 10 hours is a lot of footage. I look forward to your editing your way through it.


  2. Hello Gena, I wanted to thank you for your comments re: BlogHer at my blog and this seemed the best post to do so...

    I look forward to seeing more of your footage :)

    With much affection,