Saturday, July 14, 2007

The NOmadjik Bus - On the Mobile News Network

So much good stuff is happening I can't keep track. Just got this heads up about a fantastic project from Flux Rostrum.

The goal of the project for those that can't see the video is that an old school bus will be converted into a traveling journalism media center. There will be places on the bus to hook up laptops and camcorders. There will be places to sleep and every once in a while a dance might bus out on the roof.

The bus will be converted into a veggie oil fuel vehicle and there will be a satellite cuz the next natural or un-natural event of nature that hits in the lower 48 states may disrupt the power grid as we know it.

Like all good underground media projects that are rising to the surface they need just a little cash flow. If you can put a latte's worth of cash into the tip jar it would be much appreciated. The project needs about $2,000. I'm figuring if 1,000 people like the idea and drop $2 we can get it done.

For more information about the NOmajik Bus or to make a contribution visit


  1. GREAT project.
    Ambitious plans for kitting it out. I hope they can all be realised. And I hope it doesn't fall foul of some legal nonsense about what's allowed on a vehicle - I think it might do in this country.
    And I like that it's a school bus. Appropriate somehow...
    Looking forward to seeing it happen, and seeing the reports from those on board.

  2. I think it's a great idea a school bus for that purpose here's a german trying something similar