Friday, June 15, 2007

Survival Skills - Christopher Nyerges Class at PCC

A while back I did a brief post on Christopher Nyerges and his book on Survival Skills. Just wanted to give a head's up to the Pasadena folks that he is conducting a Survival class via Pasadena City College Extension.

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This is just a short clip of him explaining why he is teaching these type of classes. According to the summer catalog student will learn about:
  • Edible and medicinal plants
  • Making fire without matches
  • Finding and purifying water
  • Survival kits and home supplies
  • Primitive and modern shelters
The class will be held on five Fridays starting June 22 to July 20. If you would like to register for the class boogie on over to

If you would like to check out Mr. Nyerges web site

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  1. Christopher is a valuable teacher and guide. He is a rare soul, a shame that we don't have more like him.