Monday, June 11, 2007

Corey and Ski-Ter at Pixelodeon

I know a lot of folks who wanted to go to the event would like the opportunity to view the various screenings. Hey, there were screenings I couldn't make and I was there!

The good news is that screenings are being prep for on-line viewing. Soon as more of us recover we'll put the word out on where you can view the collection.

There were many Do It Yourself sessions at Pixelodeon in addition to the screenings. These guys almost made me miss my own session. Corey Tyler and Ski-Ter of gave an excellent talk about taking control of your career, putting your production out there and walking your talk.

They should know. All of them are professional actors. Even if you have no desire to be on the commercial side of the video business you need to know what these young men are saying.

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  1. Informative clip. Thanks for sharing that. :D

  2. Useful information for my job! :)