Sunday, June 24, 2007

Art and Eros at the L.A. Convention Center

It was a Friday afternoon. A friend was driving me home from work. I mentioned that I might go to the Convention center. He told me to take lots of photos. Probably wanted me to snag him some DVD's too.

I told him that I'm probably not going to be taking pictures of half naked women. If I did this it would be of booth rabbits and half naked men. "Then what is the point of going?" he replied.

Hmm. What was the point of going and paying cash money to see stuff of a carnal nature?

Windows Media Video Version

Well, to say that I checked it out. To say that it met or did not meet my preconceived notions of this kind of event and to learn something I didn't know.

I have some answers for him. Unexpected answers. For one thing, I did not expect to see a gallery of art at this exhibition. When the floor traffic got heavy or congested it was a great place to duck into for a bit of sanctuary.

That didn't last long because other folks wandered in to check out the art. It was like any gallery show. Some good, some base level and a couple of exceptional pieces. They had to be, they cost at least $4,500 and up.

The piece that I like the best was the white marble with the hips and thighs just like mine! Representation, that's what I'm talking about. Fair is fair.

In this video I wanted to show some of the art from the X-Art Gallery. There are statues and sculptures and paintings and photographs and one brief CG animation.

The images are of an explicit nature. Seriously explicit. If you have trouble with naked fruit of a human nature you aren't gonna like this. Absolutely not safe for work.

The music is from blues man Charley Jordan with a rousing rendition of "Keep It Clean." It ain't. I'm still working on the words but how he got "Yes", to rhyme with the back of my front is a puzzlement.

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