Sunday, May 06, 2007

May Day in MacArthur Park - Reflection 2

It takes a while to get to the park. I had to take the Metrolink then transfer to the Red Line and then walk 5 blocks because I missed my exit. It was a good thing that I did. I came in at the back of the park. There were news crews and police command stations. It was around quarter to five.

As I walk down the steps I see families. I see hot dog vendors with the hot dogs wrapped in bacon with onions and hot peppers grilling. There were moms with babies in strollers. Pops with their babies in their arms.

I see banners in English and Spanish. Posters. People with cell phone snapping images. The vibe was extremely mellow. No one was agitated, I didn't see any teenagers looking for mischief. Video cameras all over the place mainly from the participants who wanted to document their day.

No one was stirred up. In fact, many people were heading home. These were the folks that were stopping by after work like I did. Or just hanging out in the park.

Special shout out to the roasted corn contingency. I took some photos and I tried to understand what was happening, what was being asked of the United States. What these people wanted. How they saw the situation.

This is a short video that of what I saw before the police action.

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