Monday, May 28, 2007

Conflict Resolution Checklist

It is Memorial Day. I am trying to toss many of my memories in the trash.

I am also trying to find good things to post and do laundry, write, fret about my future, edit video and wondering if I should take my $5 gift card and buy a pre-owned copy of Ghost Rider?

I got this card from the Los Angeles Commission on Assaults Against Women. Maybe on this day if each of us could master it points we would have no need to be at war with ourselves or each other.
  1. What is the problem? Discuss and define the problem from each person's point of view.
  2. Come up with ideas for a solution together.
  3. Figure out which ideas can work.
  4. Choose the best idea for each of you - compromise!
  5. Do it!
  6. Did it work? Talk about what happened with each other at another time.
P.S. This is too good to throw in the trash. Maybe as a bookmark?


  1. it sounds good in theory, anyway. to me it sounds kinda "sissy" like. sounds like ray, or ian, from high fidelity. either way he has the steven segal ponytail.

  2. This is a good summary of mediation and problem solving. Many elementary schools have taught this approach to the children, and people can get training in mediation. It's been a great help in resolving disputes between neighbors, and making a divorce a less inflammatory process. I think it really helps to have a third person, a neutral person, to referee and keep to the point. At the very least, this approach keeps the focus on the behavior, rather than blaming and insulting each other.