Monday, March 19, 2007

Social Daunce Irregulars - Dance Ball

If you need something to do on March 24, 2007 might I suggest a step back into a more genteel time? A time of manners, proscribed touching and above all else, the comfort of regimentation?

Some of you watch Masterpiece Theater and secretly wish for a time travel ticket. I understand, to each his/her own. I just don't know how to explain this. I kinda like the idea. If you can check out this short video shot by Rosanna Erlich and edited by Walter Nelson.

For more information on learning how to dance the old fashioned way or to find out when the next Victorian ball is occurring (so you can get your costume ahead of all the other cool kids) visit The Social Daunce Irregulars at

How did I find out about this?

Pasadena has got stuff but you have to find who knows what before you can get to it. Most of the time I try to get my hands on the area free papers and magazines to find out the happenings around town.

Many of the free papers are slowly dumping the local activities to make room for ad space. In one case the out of town owners don't see a need for all of this community crap. I mention no names but if your local or alternative paper is owned by a company out of town and the events listings are drying up then you feel my pain.

Fear not, help is as close as your local library which in this cases is the Pasadena Library's Community Calendar. Honestly, there is no reason to be stuck at home any night of the week. Many of the function around town are low cost of free. I'll be sharing selected goodies that I find. To start the journey or


  1. jamesmacpherson@sbcglobal.net4/08/2007 6:02 AM

    Check out FREE -- 300 to 400 Pasadena event listings all the time... it's the online pub my wife and have published DAILY for 2.5 years....
    Tons of events!
    Best regards,
    James Macpherson

  2. Wow, I just read about PasadenaNow from an article in the PCC Courier. Kent Shocknick was speaking before a class of students and mentioned your paper as an example on the diversification of news sources.