Thursday, March 08, 2007

So Cal Women Artists At Barnsdall

Some times you gotta yield to the impossible. Or life doesn't always follow your magnificent will power. This is not the same as affirming your higher good.

Naw, this is I've been trying to edit this dad gummed video for one whole week and it ain't happening. Mainly cuz I didn't feel engaged. I didn't find the linking thread to make a story.

Yeah, I know. Start at the beginning. Barnsdall Gallery was having a show of Southern California Women Artists 1980-2006. There was a reception. It was Sunday. It was free. I had the time so I went.

Most of the art events happen on the other side of town. Way on the other side of town near the Los Angeles Museum of Art, or the Getty or at a gallery that sells art. The first and only time I walked into that that type of galley I was snubbed. The eyeballed kind. Never again in this life will I walk into that type of galley.

I love art. Women art, Men art, computer generated it is good stuff. But I was frustrated that I wasn't shooting art correctly. And even though Barnsdall is a municipal gallery I was still feeling the twitchies. Any moment I had this feeling who let the impostor in the door.

So this is my introduction. With photos. If I'm able to carve out some video fine but I do want to share with you what women artists are doing. What they have done. Humor, as you can see from the above photo is definitely a part of the process.

I'm hoping to do better. I'm going to try to make it to the Pasadena Art Night. That should be fun. You hop on a shuttle bus and visit the various art joints in the downtown Pasadena area. Drive by culture. I'll work on my attitude and that dad gummed video later.

P.S. There are/were excellent works of art at Barnsdall. The show runs between February 25 to April 15th. There is free admission on opening reception days and the first Friday of the month.

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