Sunday, March 11, 2007

Coming of Age Again At Vromans Bookstore

Not only do we need mouthy women in our lives, (see the post below) but we need mentors and guides along the way to tell us it will be okay. That we still get to make our dreams happen and that we do matter in ways the world still isn't able to measure.

With the M$M focus on youth and incomplete women no wonder some women get goofy as they age. They don't know that there is more. And some of the more is really good stuff. Yep, the middle passage is full of new territory.

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Kate Klimo and Buffy Shutt haven written a book about the multiplicity of changes women and some men folk go through as they plow up the north 40 of life. In this video the women explain how they came to write the book that they needed when they turned 50.

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Upcoming author events are Christopher Nyerges talking about how to survive anywhere on March 19th and Anne LaMott with her new book of essays Grace Eventually on March 28th.

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