Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Back Up Your Birth Control Campaign

I believe in the truth. I believe in action. I very much want to participate in this campaign.

  • The Emergency Contraception pill (a.k.a. Plan B or the morning after pill) is a higher dose version of the regular birth control pill. The primary use of the pill is to back up unprotected sex (which you should try very hard not to have due to STDs) or condom failure.
  • If the pill is taken within five days of conception it can reduce the possibility of pregnancy.
  • Emergency Contraception pill is not an abortion pill. It can't stop a conception/pregnancy in progress.
  • The Emergency Contraception pill is available without prescription.
  • If you are a women over 18 years of age all you need is the cash, a governmental identification card and a pharmacy. In Alaska, California, Hawaii, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont and Washington State you don't need the identification card.
  • If you are a young woman under 18 years of age you will need a prescription from a doctor/health care provider. For teen based info visit http://www.ineedec.info
Source: http://www.backupyourbirthcontrol.org/ec/index.htm also The American Women's Medical Association and the Center for Reproductive Rights.

The pharmacy part may be the most difficult. Major stores like WalMart pharmacies will not stock the pill. You might also find resistance from some independent pharmacists.

There are those pharmacists who do to their religious faith believe that anything that prevents the egg and sperm from joining is a form of abortion. They will not sell you EC/Plan B and may try to either talk you out of your purchase or delay as long as possible in giving you the medication.

It may not be the pharmacist. It could be the pharmacy assistant or clerk in the office that is delaying processing the order.

Here is the deal. First don't have UN-protected sex. There are some nasty bugs out there you want nothing to do with. But if the bell rings or the condom breaks have your emergency pill supply stashed away. Have it before you need it.

If you have crossed over and menstruation is no longer an issue then buy it for the lady you might meet or hear about. Let us as informed women be active not re-active to our rights of choice. For our non-technical sisters there is a phone number to call 1-888-Not-2-Late or the Spanish version 1-888-En-Tres-Dias


  1. .....i like you very much mouthy woman.

  2. Thank you sir, you have some right nice photos & text on your site. I'm a bit envious.


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  5. Gena -- I recently found your blog and am glad to see another opinionated woman out there not afraid to speak her mind.

    Thank you for sharing the word of EC, yet stressing condom use. One thing I would like to add to this discussion is folic acid. 75% of Neural Tube Defects (NTDs), like Spina Bifida could be prevented with folic acid. But 50% of pregnancies in the US are unintended. Women not intending to become pregnant begin taking folic acid (included in prenatal vitamins) as soon as they find out they are pregnant. The problem is that NTDs occur around the 28th DAY after conception -- before most women find out they are pregnant (generally around 5 weeks). In order for folic acid to be effective in the prevention of NTDs, it must be taken for at least 3 weeks before conception (the longer the better).

    As an adult with a NTD, I want to encourage any woman of child-bearing age to be sure to take a daily multivitamin or folic acid tablet containing at least 400mcg of folic acid. This will help protect your baby in the event you end up among the 50% whose pregnancy was unintended. Please share this message with any woman of child-bearing age you know.

    We never think it can happen to us -- getting pregnant or having a child with a birth defect. Protect yourself.

    Thank you for helping to empower women with information.