Monday, February 19, 2007

Musing From the Laundry Mat of Life - Imperfections

I have been struggling to get this out of my head. I had my own perfection issues to deal with.

At the root of the matter is how many messages have I received about my hair, skin, body and profound lack of fashion sense that I have ingested over the course of time.

This is what I have figured out so far and was able to make a small demonstration video of a very big issue. I think if more of us could get a handle of what is being transmitted to our heads and see our true selves we could increase the mental health of this nation by a factor or ten.

Dove has a new product line that is interesting. Instead of selling anti-aging products lets try selling products that enhance our beauty after we reach a certain age.

Aged women are hardly ever mentioned in advertisements. That would be an admission that there are women who are over 25 years of age. Dove seems to be saying there isn't an expiration date on our attractiveness. Dove also seems to be saying "we don't care how old you are, we have got products to meet your needs."

I like the idea of the commercial. It is still selling a solution to a non-existent problem but it had more people that looked like me than I've seen in ten years of television.

Aging is not a problem. It is a result of successful living. You either increase in age or you are dead. Now at some point you will be dead anyway but I'm thinking later not sooner.

Much, much later.

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  1. Hey Gena,

    Thanks for using our tunes! All the feltonjamhousers are stokked.

    I love your message.

    Keep on vloggin!

  2. Gena, you have it so right on. Aging is a definite sign of successful living. I am not sure why so many want to fight this natural process, especially but not only in the physical appearance way.
    I had to stop by for a visit after your nice comment on my blog, for which I thank you. Please leave many more, as I plan to do on your blog.

  3. Your are welcomed anytime. For those that don't know, Bill has a wonderful blog that you ought to read and embrace.

    Especially if you've had a pisser of a day.

  4. Hear, hear! Coming to love my body has been a life-long process. Gettin' there. Thanks for the reminder.