Sunday, January 14, 2007

Downtown On Ice - Skate and Swing

In Los Angeles you have to be ready, flexible and above everything else open minded. The week before it was very warm. There is a month long event "Downtown on Ice" It is coming to an end so I wanted to snag a video.

The possibilities spin in my head so I hop on the Gold line and then the Red Line to Pershing Square.

This is the Windows Version

Pershing Square is a contradiction within itself. It is a place for homeless people to gather unless there are special events being held in the square. Then the security guards or police chase them out.

It also has a criminal element but name me a place that doesn't. Toss in growing renovation projects, the contrasts between money and poverty and you could get very perplexed. The city is trying to change the perception and image of the area. It is changing, at its own pace.

Anyway, there was warm weather, ice skating and Pershing Square. Something is missing. Ah yes. Swing dancing. So without further ado I bring to you a little taste of Los Angeles.

P.S. January 14, 2007. It is no longer warm in Los Angeles. Special plea to Washington state or Washington, D.C. Please come get your weather and take it home. I do not function well at 20 degrees Fahrenheit and I am almost at the point where I need to buy a new winter coat. I have not bought a winter coat in years.

Global warming or El Nino it does not matter to me cuz I am really cold and the cactus are very upset.

I'm back! Whew! I had some technical difficulties, mainly when I'd tried to post the beloved Blogger would not recognize the new stuff. Tried to go to new Blogger but it didn't want me just yet. Finally found a way to kick old Blogger in the pants and just as I did, new Blogger opened the door and I raced on through.

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