Sunday, December 17, 2006

NYPD Snatches Flux's Camcorder

I'm been meaning to post this and pass this information on to those of us on the stoop so I'm glad the rain is forcing me to catch up with the essentials. Flux Rostrum is a video blogger/videographer in New York.

While recording a protest meeting at the Mexican Consulate his video camera was appropriated, removed from his possession and flat out stolen from him by the New York Police Department. Here is the kicker. There were cell phone cameras and other video camcorders recording the theft.

Now I'd believe this even if there was no video. But there is, check it:

The police and the District attorney claimed that the camcorder was abandoned property.

For more details and to follow up on if Flux ever got his camcorder back visit his main blog at:
or to this specific post

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