Tuesday, November 07, 2006

My Election Day - Part One

Today is Election Day. My original plan was to record the doings of various polling places. That didn't happened. So I really am on my stoop.

This is a departure from my normal videos. I needed to speak in person to describe my experience in failing to record my visit to my local polling place. There are two statutes that are messing with my flow, California Code 18541 and Federal Code 42 US Code 1973 i (b)

I am breaking my own prime directive because I needed to express my frustration about the process of trying to get assistance when you have a voter question or problem. In this video, I am explaining what happened at my local polling place and how I was denied my ballot.

The two web sites that I mentioned in the video are:
I also visited LA Vote at http://www.lavote.org but I did not find anything useful at that site that pertained to my situation.

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  1. Hi. I enjoyed both of your election day vlogs. You really have a nice voice and you look photogenic. :)

    Anyway I linked to these vlogs and hopefully someone can use this as a primer on what to do when you seek to photograph the polling place. It's unfortunate that you run into one ornery poll worker but no doubt it happens. And to a point I share your lack of enthusiasm for the process.

    I sincerely hope your next election day will go off without a hitch.