Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Loosing The Urge To Shop

This is for the guy who posted in my local paper that (I'm paraphrasing) if the democrats were allowed back into Congress it would be the end of the world. He warned that the anti-capitalistic anti-free trade, anti-morality and anti-god no good liberals would lead this country to ruin and it is time for all good republicans to hold tight and support the troops. I don't think he meant the folks in Iraq.

He meant well. This is for him. I, as a no good rotten liberal 2nd class heathen ( I do believe in God/Spirit/Universal Consciousness, just not the in the way he wants me to believe) can spend money and stimulate the economy just like the blessed people. I had a rare attack of "The Urge To Shop".

It was Saturday. I didn't have to go to class. In hindsight that might have been a bad thing. I did go to the 11th Annual ElectroShop. It was a one day only benefit for a school and they had 6,000 plus items that begged to be checked out, fondled and taken home.

I should tell you I don't like to shop. I hate malls. I don't do sales events. The idea of standing in line to give somebody my money is repellent to me.

Unless there are MP3 players for $9.99. Stereo systems starting at for $39.99. You don't wanna know what they were selling DVD players for ($19.99). I shouldn't even bring up the price on the 42 inch flat panel TV's. The sale is long over. Trust me. It would hurt to know.

Anyway It takes and hour and a half, two buses and standing in line for 20 some minutes before I could get near the door. There was a mild incident. There had to be a break in the line so that the cars and trucks could haul the loot out. One older woman got on her cell phone. She called her people. When they arrived this same aged person proceeded to jump ahead of me and 50 other people and waved to her folks to follow.

Oh Hell No. There were six or seven of them! And more was coming.

Let's just say that she was encourage to follow the laws and customs set up in kindergarten for line order and reinforced in third grade at recess. The nerve. Another thing. Should you find yourself wanting to go to a similar sale leave your babies at home. Don't subject young children to the misbehavior of grown folk.

For the most part people were civil but I have to say once you crossed into the shopping area you needed to be on point, attentive and have the ability to lunge for your treasure.

I'm not proud. Some women do shoes, I do electronics. Hey I needed that coffee maker at $3.99. Even though I don't drink coffee. I do drink tea so really it is a tea maker. I would have gotten the lemonade making thingie too but I didn't have room in my bag and I was keeping an eye for the turntable which was long gone. So were the $9.99 MP3 players. They had a choice between an RCA Lyra at $69 or IPods at $129 (not the kind you can view video on). I picked up the Lyra. It was red, an advantage. Then a voice spoke in side of my head, "You have ITunes at home. You should have an IPod, don't cheat yourself."

It was not the voice of God. It was the voice of my inner teenager. I've had been ignoring her for too long. I got the IPod. And a $5 digital voice recorder that has a 4MB Smart Media card.

I need to find my simplicity and simple living books again. Cuz the truth is no one in that line absolutely needed that stuff. Wanted yeah, but not need. I will use what I have bought but it was kinda like cheap, meaningless sex. It was good but upon reflection, I don't want to do this again in this particular manner.

This is just a quick impression shot with my little pink camera. I didn't mean for it look like an impression but there ya go. You can't always get what you want.


  1. This was a hilarious video.

  2. Yeah, greed will make you silly. Actually it is more techno-lust I have a problem with, keep the diamonds, give me gizmos.

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