Friday, November 24, 2006

Flip4Mac at Los Angeles Digital Video Expo

Just a brief talk with the folks that make Flip4Mac, this software help Macintosh users view Windows Media Video files and Window Media formats. I asked questions specifically about the Pro version - lots of goodies coming down the road.

This is the 4.36MB Windows Version

This is the 3.87MB QuickTime Version

In the interest of full disclosure, I am on Windows XP but I know the pain of trying to view videos in an alternative format. Those of us using Firefox and trying to view M$ Videos know what I am yapping about in total frustration.

I'm still looking for the patch, the plug-in or dadgumed player that will allow me to see my own videos in the M$ format. Yeah, yeah I upgraded to M$IE 7 and Windows Media 11. I only use it when I absolutely have to but I don't feel good about doing it. Or safe. A discussion for another time.

So if you are a Mac User and don't know about the free Flip4Mac player or the Pro version that has a bunch of juicy stuff for viewing and editing you need to visit


  1. Yes indeed, Flip4Mac is quite a necessity on my Mac. Telestream is an up and coming company. Their new encoding software, Episode, seems quite excellent. I look forward to more cool stuff for us Mac'ers

  2. I have a Mac Plus in my closet. Soon as I find that rich old guy that doesn't have next of kin and will leave me his money I will stock up on the high tones Macs.

    I was lead astray so I turned to PCs but some day...