Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Anger - Part Two

This is more about my anger about this day and my decreasing lack of faith about voting, accountability and stuff like that. However, I encourage everyone who is able to vote. Do not take this as an excuse to ignore your responsibilities.

I have a reduced faith in this process. I have no faith about electronic voting or with the vivid examples of Florida and Ohio in my mind. This does nothing to convince me that there is anything that acts as a check or balance to election mischief.

This is the 6.MB QuickTime Video

It makes it easy for extremist writers and pundits to accuse people of beating a dead horse. I tell you, this country and its people can continue to ignore segments of the population if they want to at their own risk.

If there is no investment by the citizens of a country, if the participation is consistently taken for granted or undermined then why should any of us be loyal? Why should I respect "the rules"? Why should I waste my time with a process that is designed to exclude my voice? I hear the warning bells ringing but lets pretend it is just a distant chime.

On a side note, hopefully it will be a very long time before I appear in this blog again. I want to do all I can to not contribute to the cult of personality and validity by looks. Not that I have any that has a market value. I want the videos to be judged on content, not looks or how well or poorly words are spoken.

I hoped to do better but this is what I could do for this day.


  1. That is a rough situation.

    I agree...that the voting situation is messed up.

    Who wants market value?
    I thought this is about conversation.
    I think its great your vlogging yourself.
    You have an important perspective.

    Did you see Ryanne's video about "Where are the women"?

  2. I just viewed it. Yep, the usual. There was a lot of talk about this very thing at BlogHer 06

    It is a matter of consciousness. Sometimes you have to knock on the door. Sometimes you have to sneak in the back window. But at least there were two instead of none.

    As for appearing in the video I only did it because I was angry and I needed a healthy way to respond to the day.

    It is something that perhaps I should reconsider but for now there is so much that is unexplored in Los Angeles I feel like I'm slipping on the job.

  3. I'm with ya on the talking vlogger thing... When I voted in the 2004 Primaries thry forced me to vote provisional because I had only reregistered as a Democrat 2 months prior to the deadline. I joked that "so it's not going to get counted huh" They said their was a number to call on the reciept that would tell me when it was counted. So while I was at the Kucinich Supporter Losers Party I stepped outside for a minute to call the number and see if it was counted. I got a machine that said I should call back in 3 weeks. They had already announced the winners at the time.

    Here's some info about the Ohio problems and glimpse of what should have been a historical moment.

  4. Yeah, how does it feel to be the dot in between the past and the future? In hindsight that where I was on E-Day.

    What are we gonna do about the 2008 election? How will citizens document the mischief that will abound?

    I got nothing but questions. Wait, I always have questions.

    Never mind ;-)