Tuesday, October 17, 2006

What They Don't Tell You But You Need to Know

I got my neighbors junk mail by mistake. It is election time come November and I see this young girl, pure as the driven snow and the seedy looking candidate. I intentionally removed most of the faces cuz I don't think she wants to be remembered as the poster child for underage abortion when she is 24.

This refers to Proposition 85 - the flyer was paid for by the Californian Republican Party:
  • Require 48 hours notice to parent before an abortion can be performed on a minor.
  • Give parent the information they need to report rape or sexual abuse of their children
  • Enable parent to ensure their children receive proper medical care.
  • The minor would be able to seek help if anyone forces her to have an abortion. (not in the flyer but in the actual wording of the Proposition, page 56 of the California General Election Handbook)
They are implying that the big bad liberals want to put a stop to that. Here is what they did not tell you in the flyer:
  • Mandates reporting requirements including reports from physicians regarding abortions performed on minors. Excuse me, isn't there something about Doctor-Patient confidentiality? Isn't this an example of the over-reaching of government into personal lives that Republicans use to get so upset about?
  • Teens are not allowed to purchase the Emergency Pill. You must be an adult.
  • Teens would have to go into court to petition for the right to an uninformed parental abortion. They would have to convince the judge of their maturity or it is clearly in the best interest of the minor.
  • Aren't we forgetting that there is a tremendous backlog in the court system?
  • If a physician performs an abortion that becomes contested he or she is subject to monetary damages.
  • A parent can provide a written wavier to permit the abortion. However there is a section in the bill about minor consent. If the judge finds that the minor was coerced into agreeing the judge can override the parent. The parent can be liable to legal charges if found guilty of forcing their child to have an abortion.
So their you have it.

If you like Proposition 85 and want to know more visit www.yes0n85.net
If you don't like the proposition and want to know more visit www.noon85.com

For the record, I think Prop 85 stinks but that is just my opinion. The only thing I care to convince you about is that you go vote in November.

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