Monday, October 16, 2006

In The Spirit of Sun Ra on Grand Avenue

It has been a dreary couple of days. It is Fall heading into Winter and let's just say it isn't my favorite time of year. It is the change marking the transition from the beginning to the last lap of the year and the question begs “Did I do everything I set out to do this year?”

Yeah, I'm a summer person. I need the light in the sky.

A few days back, Grand Avenue in Los Angeles had a festival. Heck all over downtown Los Angeles there was music bubbling up from every which way. But this one was free. There was much good stuff to see, do and eat but I wasn't paying $4 for a single Godiva dipped strawberry

Anyway, I stepped into REDCAT and the cats and kittens were wailing at a so-called children music event. I say so-called cuz everybody was tapping their feet, flipping the fanny and bouncing internally and externally. It was cosmically funky in a spacial kind of way with the essence of Sun Ra weaving in and out of the room.

Groove to a inspired tribute to the Arkestra and inoculate yourself against the dull days. Charge your spirit with a taste of astral vibe. For more information on the transcendent energy of Sun Ra visit:

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