Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Det. Mike Stilton Talks About Domestic Violence

"Violence in battering relationships often follows a fairly predictable cycle consisting of the tension building phase, the battering incident itself and the calm respite, or "honeymoon" phase."*

Detective Mike Stilton from the Glendale Police Department talks about some of the misconceptions that immigrant and undocumented women face when the police arrive on a domestic violence call.

Immigrant and undocumented women will not be asked about immigration status and you will not be reported to the INS. You might be refered to a local organization for help and assistance. If there is signs of abuse the agressor will placed under arrest.

The World Health Organization has substantial information about the global impact of domestic violence; you cannot have a healthy society if the female population is consistently abused - http://www.who.int/gender/violence/en/

*Information from the Family Violence Project - Jewish Family Service of Los Angeles

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