Thursday, September 21, 2006

IRS Summons on All Saints Church Pasadena, CA

Once upon a time (2004) there was a sermon. The sermon compared and contrasted what Jesus would do in times of war with the then current positions of Dubya and Kerry. The sermon was conducted two days before an important election.

Someone didn't like the sermon.

The Internal Revenue Service is conducting an investigation on All Saints to find out if they violated their tax exempt status by endorsing political candidates from the pulpit. It is an extensive far reaching investingation.

For more information, to read the sermon in question and to find out exactly what the IRS wants and how it could be a major violation of freedom of speech and freedom of religion visit


  1. wow. that is not like any church service i have been to.

  2. Well, it was quiet a day for the church. In addition to the IRS hoopla it was also Homecoming day and there was an outreach to the Latino community.

    There were people all over the joint.

    My grandmother's church was Baptist and this would have been too sedate for her.

  3. Orgainzed religion that doesn't organize the way the governmnet wants them to seem to be under fire, but the people can win.