Monday, July 10, 2006

This Hurts on Many Levels...

This company just does not do good business, it is too big to care. I boycott Sony products whenever I can possibly do so. I do not buy Sony DV tapes, cassettes, or any item I suspect comes from that company.

Sony PSP Billboard Ad - Netherlands

Sony websites are very hard to use and obtain information. The customer service for computers is nothing short of being hostile. The CD Music Rootkit incident I thought was beyond stupid. Until now.

I was checking out a new blog (to me) called blac(k)ademic first thing I lay eyes on is this ad for PSP.

I couldn't believe it. Rattled my bones. My understanding there is/was a plan to have other photo billboards in the series. The second one I saw was the black person (gender unknown) attacking the white woman.

This campaign is being used to sell a game machine. I want to ask what the heck were they thinking and what with? I want to ask who told you it was okay to have this type of image in 2006? An image that plays on Master and Slave, Slave versus Master. Sex and Class (well this thing has no class but still...) Maybe I shouldn't type while angry.

What really got me was some of the comments from fellow humans.
  • There are folks that see no problem with this ad, that I and others are being too touchy, too reactionary.

  • Others say that was the point of the ad to generate conversation/attention. I and others are/were dumb enough to take the bait.

  • And one blessed soul (Not!) said it was avant-garde and anything I saw was because of the stuff in my head not Sony's and I and others like me should not be so sensitive.

Here is my problem. For the past few months I have been working with all kinds of people. Positive, creative people. Even the non-positive creative people help to extend the dialog.

Then I view something like this and everything is put into pause. Why did a billion dollar multi-national company think this was okay? Why do you need to objectify women to sell a game machine to men? Is is about sex, power or white is right so get your white PSP right now?

I don't have any answers other than to go for a walk and hug a tree.


  1. There are those who can see how bad it is.
    There are those who can see the potential for positive change.
    Then there are those who just don't care.

    thanks for caring...

  2. Funny. I quite like the ad. It's a good way to get people to talk about something they usually avoid. Quite effective in that way.

  3. I must agree with you. How could this ad possibly sell a product. Especially a product marketed toward the youth today.
    The sad part is someone was paid big bucks to come up with this trashy ad and the company thought it was a good idea.