Thursday, July 27, 2006

Jeryd Pojawa - Open Studio Tour Artist 2006

Jeryd is a very talented man who does a lot of things but artist is the word that kind of captures his spirit. In this video he is introducing me to one of his spirits that has taken solid form.

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Reason #8 why I do this kind of stuff. In May 2006 there was a wanton and premeditated destruction of a mural painted by Kent Twitchell. It was the world famous building painting of artist Ed Ruscha. The perpetrators of the deed gave orders to paint over the mural during the Memorial Day weekend. The suspects? The YWCA of Los Angeles and/or the federal Department of Labor.

The Los Angeles Downtown News, other local print press and bloggers have covered the story and the non-action of various city, state, federal and non-profit officials.

To get up to speed visit:

Nobody knows who did it. Nobody has the work order, the authorization for work, the original contract, the name of the contractor or the payment for services rendered.

Mural, what mural?

I share this with you because art is not an elitist activity. It is not just for people who have money to spend looking for a painting to place over the couch. Art is for the broke folk, the mother about to explode from frustration and tired bus riders looking for a way home.

Art feeds spirits. It can transform dull buildings into pockets of community. Or it can fill a heart with smiles. This is my way of supporting some of the artists that work and live in the Los Angeles area.

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  1. Liz here from I Speak of Dreams -- sorry, bit of a topic hijack -- we met this morning at BlogHer and I wanted to continue the conversation about passing on values in the context of this new generation who hmmmn learn differently that the previous. I really enjoyed your comments.