Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Flying Other Brothers - A Music Sample

I've been fighting with three (3) videos for two weeks. Not anything I haven't done before but there is always the thing that you see in your head and the thing that you have on the screen. Let's just say there is a video block - similar to a writer's block but 100 times worse cuz I can see the problem but can't fix it.

I do not understand how Thomas Edison had the endurance to create 10,000 failures before creating a light bulb. I am not Edison. I have turn a corner and decided to leave those suckers alone. There is a point where you have to step away and let the work simmer. Wish I accepted this 8 days ago.

This is a 7.5MB Windows Version
This is a 12MB MP4/QuickTime version

A few years back a friend introduced me to some Grateful Dead music and I stared listening to the "The Music Never Stops" on KPFK where Barry Smolin plays a wide range of Dead, near Dead, Dead inspired and Dead friendly music. I'm not a Deadhead, but I have respect for music groups who spend upmteen hours on stage because they love it that much. This is a taste of the band and if you like the song or would like to hear more visit their web site at

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