Saturday, June 17, 2006

Showing My Face To The World

For the longest time I did not want to have my photo appear on my vlog/blog. I had good reasons. I want to be judged for content, not personality. I really want to do good work that generates from the thought to the word to the deed.

I want to do the kind of video like Anne LaMott does with her writing. Like Deena Metzger and the spirituality of words. I'm too chicken to read Stephen King's fiction but his book on writing - excellent.

I am basically shy unless you ask me a question and then I babble on multiple tangents. I really don't like having my photo taken, not even by me. Yadda, yadda, yah. Reasons will appear when you need them.

That was okay for a while until I attended VloggerCon 2006. I was interviewing women vloggers and we are all different. It is a difference that needs to be celebrated. We need to be visible. I'm editing video right now so we will be more visible.

Another reason is that some people keep saying vlogging is a white male, middle-age elitist activity. They did not attend VloggerCon. As I put my foot and other parts of my anatomy in my mouth during the Digital Diversity session, we need to have white males tell their authentic stories so that everybody gets to know the other. Leave no story behind.

We collectively need to hear non-commercial true stories of everybody. Not the fiction used to sell the shadow. America is in the divided nation fix we find ourselves because we talk but do not listen to the other person's stories.

Yeah, I know. Where is the video?


  1. Gena:

    You say, "people use to sit out on the porch." and talk. It's so true, and the only thing better was to holler over to your neighbors all sitting out on their front porches. I recall actually doing this back in the '50s when I was a kid growing up in small-town Nebraska. Often we'd all end up on one of the neighbor's porch for the evening. So, feel free to stop over at my Front Porch "vlog" anytime. Come on up and take a load off. The wicker chair's a little creaky, but it's all right. How 'bout some ice tea, take that sweet? Or unsweet...

  2. Hi Gena,

    We didn't get to chat enough at VloggerCon, but it was such a pleasure to meet you and hear your thoughts during the Digital Divide panel. I was so impressed by the diversity of people at the conference, though I have been one saying that this medium is thus far too dominated by the white guys. I think we can never do too much work, I guess. Anyway, I wish I could have interviewed you for my master's thesis about female videobloggers. I'll try to do a call for web submissions sometime. I love your work, and I'm really thrilled that you're such a vibrant part of this community. I'll try to comment more and lurk less.

    My best,

  3. I too felt very awkward and shy about being on video. I was never drawn toward acting or modeling or any of the kinds of careers where people like to have their image out there. I am glad you chose to put up your face…women and minorities need to be more visible and vlogging is a great forum for many stories to be told.

    As someone who was at the Digital Divide session at vloggercon, I don't think you put your foot in your mouth at all…you speak honestly with compassion for both men and women and with humor! How refreshing.

    I think that the greater the diversity in the community the better. When we are exposed to diverse perspectives we all benefit because our awareness and compassion begins to grow from listening to one another.

    I would like to post you on our vlogroll. Would you prefer to be categorized as "other vlogs" or under "outer action"?

    Looking forward to seeing your video from vloggercon.

  4. Hey Jen,

    You got anything under introspective action? Naw. Shucks. Okay outer action will do.

    I'm aiming for this weekend to start posting the WV's. I need a 60 hour weekend and a 6 hour work week.