Friday, June 16, 2006

Poetry On The Gold Line - Steve Petersen

Men sometimes confuse me. I like them. I have loved a few. I have lusted in my heart and other placed in my body for a couple of dozen of them.

At times my understanding men is like banging my head against the wall. It feels good when I stop. Most time I just accept them for who they are. Having said all that I really appreciate the nice ones. And the spirited ones. Hell, I like 98% of them and the other 3% I can do without.

I'm still getting the hang of this interviewing thing. I'm not doing it "right". I end up just doing what comes naturally at the time. I really just want the other person to tell me their story or in this case Steve's poem. The real story is that he is very proud of his children and seems to be a happy man.

The other real story is that you never know if or when you connect to another person. Be open to the possible.

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  1. Steve is an asshole. Nuff said