Sunday, June 25, 2006

Conversations – Women of VloggerCon

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It is funny how things happen for a reason. I was standing in line at the door watching people gather knowing and not knowing each other. I was a little scared. Hell, I was overwhelmed.

I wanted to be there but I didn't know any of these 400+ people except for their work and on-line conversations. I knew I wanted to contribute but I wasn't sure how. Then I heard the voice. Not my internal voice but the voice of inspiration, the Muse of Creativity voice.

The Muse told me I should interview the women folk. I told the Muse “I don't do interviews well; I forget things like lighting and stuff coming out of people's heads and my brain turns to mush and...”

“Not my concern – get on with it, this needs to be done.”, the Muse replied.

“Yeah but, the shooting angle thing and the walking up to folks and remember the other time when that lady got hostile and wanted me thrown out?”

The Muse replied “I wouldn't worry about it. You ain't even in the door yet.” And with that The Muse was gone. I learned long ago not to put up too much of a fight with The Muse of Creativity.

I crossed the door. I went up the steps. And I began a new journey. This is the first video.

The VloggerCon Theme is by Jan of Sound or and Markus Sandy who can be found at or

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