Sunday, April 16, 2006

Poetry In Motion - John FitzGerald

April is National Poetry Month, around the country poets are stepping into trains and other forms of mass transit to recite poetry.

QuickTime 7.3MB QuickTime Version

This is just a taste - I have taxes to do so this is just a teaser until I suck more blood out for Uncle Sam. Or find my tax statements. But I got some great videos and I want to share them with you. Soon as I upload my taxes which at this rate will be at 11:58pm on Monday evening.

I met up with the poets at the 7th Street Red Line Station, The first poem is from John Fitzgerald. The poetry belongs to the poets - I'm just recording slices of time.
For more information visit Red Hen Press.

The QuickTime version is a little different. I added a new opening and closing title for the series but other than that it is the same as the Windows version. This is a 7.3MB file.

Poets in Motion is a joint project of Los Angeles Metro System and the Poets Society of America.

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