Monday, April 24, 2006

Poetry In Motion - Helene Cardona & Catherine Daly

Helene is a poet and actor. Or is that actor and poet? Dunno.

From what I have found out about here she is one smart lady who is busy with her career(s) and life in general. This is her poem that she recited on the 7th Street platform of the Blue Line. In the next few videos the poets will board the train and the adventure begins.

Click To View Helene Cardona Poem Windows 320x240 version

P.S. She is much prettier than I have recorded her. Umpteen years of reading photo magazines and I still forget to check the lighting angle. This is reality video folks. But you know - this is what a subway train station lighting looks like. It is not a place you want to linger. Not if the sheriff have any say in the matter.

For more information about Helene visit or to read one of her poems visit

Catherine Daly is the author of two books of love poetry - DaDaDa and Locket. In this clip she tells what lead her to poetry classes. Do the world a favor, buy a poetry book. Any poet's book. But especially a living person poetry book. Fight the new dark ages! Viva la intellect! Free the soul from mainstream media bondage...

Hmmm. Need my blankie. For more information about Catherine and her work visit and for a review of her book Locket visit

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