Sunday, April 30, 2006

Nikki Giovanni - Q & A on Finding Time

I didn't want poetry month to end without posting the last of Nikki's Q&A session. In this video, a young father asked a question about balancing the call to action with family responsibilities.

I can tell him that today I've done three loads of laundry, posted two videos, will do my homework, washed a few dishes, and doing research for my class presentation. It is called creative multitasking.

It is putting compatible non-human activities together that can be done without a lot of mental attention.

Am I tired, heck yeah.

Does it get done? Yes.

Decrease the sugar, eat more veggies, get out of the house and move your body. Cut out the time vampires and let go of television except maybe 1 hour a week. That will help. But mainly it is an attitude adjustment. Here is the attitude you need to adjust.

If you need help, ask. Ask your buddies, cuz us women folk have enough to do without taking on your stuff too.

2009 Update - I've replaced the .wmv and .mov with the Flash movie format. I didn't realize that some code had changed and there were problems with the seeing the video.

If you can only view .wmv and .mov videos you can check it out at my page. Look on the lower right hand side and click the Files and Metadata button.

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  1. Gena, the links aren't working for me. I clicked on the photo, and both the quicktime and wmv links.