Monday, March 27, 2006

Somebody knocking at the door?

Hello, it's me. My life in song titles and misheard lyrics.

Status report. My fourth computer in three months (one died, one crashed, one caught on fire) is doing well as it approaches day 31. My hope is cautious.

I have videos up the wahzoo but between school and work I am drained. I mean TIred. I have made a temporary deal with my body. I can do two distinct tasks in a day but not three. Meaning, if I have a paper due Tuesday, I have no clean clothes and I have no energy to get off the couch then it is okay for me to miss the Latino Immigration March.

Man, to miss that event hurt me like hell. You don't know. This is the kind of thing I look forward to recording. Cuz I wanted to see it from my point of view, which is not like CBS, ABC or BET. BET should care but they are in heavy butt cheek rotation and have been for a while. But that is a long lecture for another post.

Anyway, by the time I found out about it there would have been no way to get into downtown Los Angeles on the bus short of walking. Seeing as how I was falling asleep on the couch that wasn't going to happen. Changes, my soul hurts when I can't document the changes that I see.

So I will do what I can when I can and I can say that I will not take two demanding classes at the same time ever again. Education hurts - worth it but owwww, where is my pillow? Keep the faith.

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