Friday, February 03, 2006

A Time For Thinking - Philosophers-Citizen Institute

Is it possible to live with people that you disagree with? Can you work with them? Is is possible to find common ground with the other if you don't believe “the other” has a right to his/her point of view?

I am always fighting against my base nature but somehow I do know we are not going to get out of this collective mess unless and until we start talking to each other across belief system, politic stances or what we know to be true. And for some of us that ain't much to work with, let alone defend a point of view.

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On my path of gathering as much knowledge before I croak, I stopped by Vroman's Bookstore and rushed up to the second floor where Dr. Linda Handelman was conducting a workshop to introduce folks on some of the skills needed for true understanding and communication. After you master those skills then you can dive into a problem to solve it.

In this section, Dr. Linda is talking about how Americans tend to want to act before they think. Considering current events, she may be on to something here. This is first in a series about the Philosophers-Citizen Institute.

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