Thursday, January 12, 2006

Achey - Breaky Heart - My Tale of Woe...

Hey, how goes it. It has been a long time since my last confession, I mean post. It all started with my system acting goofy. I kept ignoring small warning signs. I just wanted to do my thing.

Then Windows XP started acting and cutting up like a fool. I could no longer ignore the problem but meet it head on. My plan was to instal Suse Linux for web surfing and XP for production work. I studied for weeks and got CD copies of the Linux software.

I thought I knew what I was doing.

I didn't.

I wrecked not one but two hard drives. I had backups but there is always something that you forget that you didn't make a copy of. Then the motherboard and CPU started acting dippy and did I mention that I caught a nasty bit of spyware trying to download my anti-virus program. I had to wipe the drive clean a third time.

Let's not talk about the joys of Windows XP product activation in a short span of time.

Lesson 1. - Videobloggers, back up your bookmarks, templates and emails that have the serial numbers to the programs that did not come in a box!

Lesson 2. - If you have not already done so, BUY A MACINTOSH! If this is not financially possible - and I share your pain, save money and when you are able BUY A MACINTOSH!

Lesson 3. - This is not Suse's fault - I did not understand that I should have partitioned the drive first - I was too cheap to buy Partition Magic. I had just bought cables, a new firewire card, a new mobo, cpu so my inner cheapskate was railing.

I shudda done it. I now face the joy of trying to restore the MBR (Master Boot Record) to one of the drives to try to get some of my info back.

Don't ask, I can barely read the manual let alone explain it. I just want to shoot video and post what I find. It should not be this much of a fight. It shouldn't be this hard. Somebody told me I should purchase the Windows Media Center Operating System.

Just $300. No, never, not one more dime to M$, on this I swear. Anyway my system is less than stable(crashing) but I shall return like the Pheonix from ashes to glory.

Stay tuned and keep the faith.

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