Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Pasadena Slim Gauge Guild

The Pasadena Slim Gauge Guild had an open house a few Sundays back and it seemed like an opportunity to step into the unknown. The Slim Gauge Guild gets together and builds trains and landscapes to go along with the trains. According to the information sheet. There are two types, HOn3 and Sn3.

I don't know what that means but I do know they do good work. Amazing work. The word craftsmanship comes to mind.

Click the photo or this link for the Windows Media Version
Click this link for the QuickTime 7.0 & Video IPod Version
Click this link for the QuickTime 6.0 Version

Part of the job of living a full life is exploring places you don't know about to see things you don't know about and learn more of what you don't know. I grew up around trains and mass transit but I don't know anything about crafting trains, trees, narrow gauge modeling or landscaping. Got to put them on the list. She who dies with the longest list keeled over from exhaustion.

If you would like more info on the Pasadena Slim Gauge Guild check out their web site at http://www.slimgaugeguild.com

Video Blogging Stuff:

I am now faced with producing three or more video formats. Windows Media, QuickTime Video IPod M4V format, Quicktime 6.0 .mov and/or a Dial-up friendly version. They will be coming but not always on the same day. Hang in there - I am looking for a simple time friendly solution.

I am now petitioning the great Goddess of Cinema, please send me a web friendly video format that can be read by every know media device and player that these fool humans have created on the planet. Other than Flash cuz I really can't afford it and don't have time to learn it.


  1. Very nice. I used to be obsessed with model trains. My grandpa had a huge setup in the basement and every time I went there he'd let me flip the switches.

    Check this out:

    Nice music on this piece too.

  2. Gena,

    My friend Mike and myself really enjoyed finding our tune, On a Rail put to video.