Sunday, November 27, 2005

Motorcycle Art Gallery

It is starting to get chilly, even in Los Angeles. But three weeks ago it was a perfect day for a couple of motorcycles and art lovers to have a meeting of the minds. This was part of the Love Ride 2005.

I think I have bike envy. My legs are too short. I don't look like a biker babe. Too much meat in one place and not enough in the other. And I don't look good in leopard prints anyway.

But something about it makes me want to hop in a side car and say "Baby we are born to run..."

In other news, I am fighting the good fight trying to get my camcorder to show up in Windows XP. Let it be known that I have spent 16 hours and $60 of my life force trying to get XP to function as promised. Grrrrrrr!

On the positive side, I am re-directing my anger into cleaning, working on my school project and looking might hard at the Macintosh side of the fence.

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