Monday, October 24, 2005

Peace Rapping In MacArthur Park

There came a point in the program for the "children's section." A young man and his sisters approached the stage. The youngest, age two, was a force of nature. Her mother held her in her arms. Soon as she got wind that her siblings were performing without her she fought her way on stage. I'm not kidding, I saw her do it. The kid knew she belonged on stage with the rest of them.

The family did a few songs and then it was time for the young man's solo. I'm sorry I don't remember his real name but he goes by Phantom. He also belongs on stage, it was a second home, his workshop and place of business. Phantom is 17 years old.

He explained to the audience that he did positive raps and understood if some in the audience might not understand what he was saying. Like the jet that bears his name he took off and it wasn't quiet in the park anymore. It was a peaceful rap, just a young man sharing his feelings about his world, his nation and a people needing to move forward.

Peace can be defined in many ways. Sometimes there is a culture clash. Not intentional just happens. What if the one things that soothes your soul makes another person disjointed?

True loving beings work it out. The rest of us do what we can. Some folks left. People from the other side of the park took their place. Just another day in Los Angeles.

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