Sunday, October 16, 2005

Art Walk #2 - Name That Band

The past week has been one that I am happy to say is in the past. Whew! I have a mid-term coming up that I am 3/4's prepared. I have a day job that I am glad to have but I need to convince myself that I should *want* to go instead of having to go. If I had a choice, I wouldn't go.

I guess that is why I tear into the weekends and bounce around town. I need to know that there is the other life. So I am working my way through the Art Walk videos. There will be more after I regain my sanity from the fear of flunking out of a class that I really enjoy.

I'm not in any real danger. The fear of getting a "C" is enough to get me to read the entire text book just to be safe.

The event started at 12 noon but I'm not sure when I arrived. This band is either "Also" or "The Glowbars". So if you know who this is give a shout out.
This is the QuickTime Dial-Up Version.

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