Sunday, September 25, 2005

Take Me To Another Place - Creative Anger

It is a week later. I am still angry.

But the good thing is that other people are angry too. This includes people who sometimes don’t have anything in common. Here is what is linking us in anger.
Human decency.

Some of those people are channeling their anger into creative action. This is very important. To know that folks are attempting to deal dealing with this madness through their art or craft is helping me to cope. So, let me share what I have found so far.

The Legendary KO has lit some flames by using Kanye West’s rally cry “George Bush Doesn't Like Black People.” It is a powerful rap track. I tried to download the raw version but folks must be maxing out the servers so click the link to download the radio safe version. It is a legal mp3 so go get it -

Afrika Bambaataa has some observations on the purging of the true history of hip hop and rap and his thoughts on Katrina-cide. This is a huge mp3 interview so you will need to have broadband to download and hear it.

Zadi Diaz did a video collage of the news reports and matched it to a tune by Green Day. She had an article written up in the New York Times (which is where I found the link to The Legendary KO) To read the article and bypass that registration nag click the Tiny URL link - To see the video visit Zadi’s blog at

Color of Change is asking for a commitment from 250,000 Americans to make sure what happened in the gulf states to poor people never happens again. They are at this point asking folks to sign a digital declaration -

The Vanguard Foundation has put up $200,000 for the Peoples Hurricane Relief Fund. On the day that I visited the site there was an excerpt from speeches from Danny Glover and Harry Belafonte. You can read more about it at

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  1. Hey I found it,

    I found a way of talking to you thru the internet, thanks for comment on my blog, I have been on yours, on the surface things that interest me on an intellectual level like for instance all the bad and over reaction that is happening in the western world right now. We in britain are facing legislation regarding identity cards, you get one free if you apply for the new passport with psychometric tests included in a small smart chip, you know things like height weight, DNA, retinal scans etc, but if you want one for free forget it. You have nothing to fear if you have done nothing wrong, okay, I have no criminal record, so how much is this gonna cost me? Well at the moment, £93.00. Do what £93.00! more sensitive information is stored on a smart chip from the bank and that costs me nothing. You can see how tall I am, you can see I am a short fat, balding, bespectacled bloke and it actually looks like the picture, If not I'll pose for you in the same inane expression.

    I loved your blog entry about "wake me up, when September ends," It is more than poignant when it's the President who is singing. He only cares about where the next barrel of oil is coming from. There I have said it, and not that I have read and seen most of Michael Moore's work, which I have, but it makes you think. Looking from a global point of view. Why create a environment of discontent between the muslims and the christians ( east and west if you will), these guys (the muslims) live in abject poverty compared to us, although some may disagree, like the Russians who in the Cold War where the enemy of democracy. Democracy, A way of controlling the masses, with little pieces of paper and the good book. Nowhere in the Bible does it mention anything about Currency, Only that it is the root of all evil, think on that. that the meek shall inherit the earth.

    Anyway, nuff said, Keep up the good work e-mail me at if you have any more comments, I would love to talk to you in person some time.