Sunday, September 11, 2005

My Heart Went Boom, Boom, Boom-Cell Memory

This work is the result of my inability to record one of my mammograms. I got the run around no, no, no.

"It isn't done."

Why not I asked?

"You don't have permission"

I then asked for permission.

"The machine is copyrighted, no one can take a photo of it."

I didn't want to take a photo of the machine, I want to show my friends what it is like to have your breast pressed between two plates and made to look like a pancake. It wasn't even about the recording so much as my need to have some control over the situation. I needed something positive.

"Liability Issues"

I know when to yield in the face of administrative wall. There were other women waiting and this is one place you don't want to linger.

Don't medical people understand about transmutation of purpose? Short answer, no.

I did the next best thing. When the technician was out of the room I took a photo of my x-ray. Later, I ran it through Photoshop. I discovered that either the universe is made of women or women contain the blueprint of space.

We have connections, the universe and I. This is me on the cellular level.

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