Sunday, August 14, 2005

This Land Is - Not A Cornfield

Los Angeles is a place that permits transformation. You can transform you body, your outlook on life, or your income status.

The physical land is also in a constant state of transformation. The “Cornfields” is a 32-acres section of land north of Chinatown of downtown Los Angeles. It used to be a huge patch of brown filler with junk and industrial waste sitting on top of it.

New Ground

For the summer of 2005 the land is being transformed. However just to confuse folks, corn, beans and other food stuff are being planted in recognition of the ancestors. According to the brochure, it will be a living sculpture and an artistic resource center.

This is an art project created by Lauren Bon. After the corn is harvested, the land will transform again into a recreation park. In the meantime, there will be art events such as dancing, drumming, spoken work performances, and an opportunity to walk in true dirt.

When I visited the site the agricultural level dirt was in place and the irrigation system had been set up. A few weeks later there is a carpet of green stuff. For more information on the project, visit

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