Sunday, August 21, 2005

Soups On Fire - Vigil Part Two

I leap out of the car with a bag full of candles. I am in a place I have never been with people I don’t know. Somebody welcomes me and I say, "I have candles."
I’m in like Flint.

It is still early but there is a good size crowd both Hill and Orange Grove. The car horns are honking in the positive. People are smiling. This is my first daylight candle vigil. This is California.
Too Many Lives

I’m taking pictures and squeezing off a couple of videos. I notice something. There doesn’t seem to be any 18 to 25 year old folks. Most of these people are over thirty years of age. Some are double that.

Where are the young folks? Is it not real to people that are under 25 years of age? Is it because there is no active draft so it does not concern them? In between the honking of the car horns of approval, I have questions. The potential answers sadden me.

The music in this video, New Age, is composed and performed by Peter John Ross. His website is

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  1. There are not many young people there because they don't remember how their country can draft them and force them to go and fight any stupid war it chooses.

    Older people, especially those over fifty, remember the horrors of Vietname, a lying US Government and 66,000 needless young men dead and ten or twenty times that number physically and/or psychologically maimed for life.

    I'm not sure what your age is but thank you for going there, being there and posting this report.