Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Fired Up - Quicktime Version of CNN Protest

Quicktime 160x120 Movie

I am experimenting with a new video editing software. This is the same CNN protest video as before but in Quicktime format for those that are on dial-up.


  1. Hi Gena,
    I like the spirit of your vlog.
    I wrote a text about videoblogging but i have many difficulties with english language.
    Could you give me your opinion ?
    I am looking for someone able to rewriting this text
    ( sorry to post this on your vlog, but i don't found your adress mail)

    Vlogging International Manifesto

    Since we refuse (say no to) the obviousnesses of formatted cultures, the domination of cultural patterns and the distorted connivence game between all the authorities,
    since we yearn for more solidarity in the representation of the world and its mutations, we — voluntary citizens —, pioneers of the new territories, artists, poets of our days and historians of our emotions, accountable for our viewpoints and thoughts, we claim our collective and shared place as major actors of the reflection of our societies. We commit ourselves to watering the fields of knowledge and history with a poetry grown in our daily life.
    Through solidarity, skills transfer, the capitalization of technologies, the pooling of our resources and a deep longing to attest for the lives we live, the groups we belong to, our tribes, our differences and everything which gathers us in a free and deeply human movement.
    Peacefully armed with our only video cameras and ourstill fresh will to be where there is never anybody, neither major TV company nor producers of stolen images for the benefit of profitable aims or the shade, we will only be present in the movement of our lives to reinvent art and the material for the media of the new worlds. All united, all media, to multiply our glances and our thoughts, the exchanges and confrontations of ideas in the respect of the others, of their culture and their perception of a one and only one earth.
    Loiez ( l.deniel@modele11.com)
    Have a nice day

  2. Yeah, Gena, thanks for videotaping it and sharing it!